Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Health Food on the Go

I promise this weekend to share some recipes,
but first let me share some of my favorite on the go health food.

i think this especially fitting since i'm going camping tomorrow!

1) Favorite Granola Bars

so yummy!
my favorite is the apricot and almond ones.

2) Favorite Protein Bar

Some have as close to 10 grams of protein per bar- which is great for vegetarians.

3) Favorite cereal

Cascadian Farm organic cereal in cinnamon crunch is unbelievable.

4) Favorite Sweet Treat

Bissenger's gummy pandas is not the usual gummy bear.
there are flavors such as green tea!  

5) Favorite To-Go Smoothie

Odwalla smoothies are high in protein and taste.

so those are my top 5 fav healthy treats.
i'll be gone the next 3 days camping in the woods and living off of those.
should be fun!

*google image search photos


  1. Green tea gummy bears? are you kidding me! :O I need to get some of those next tome I visit USA!


  2. my favorite are the apricot almond kind bars also!!

  3. Great choices, I eat all of these!